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EuroBachoTeX 2007

Wersja polskojęzyczna

EuroTeX 2007, April 28th until May 2nd, 2007, will be organized jointly by CSTUG, the Czechoslovak TeX Users Group and GUST, the Polish TeX Users Group, at Bachotek, near Brodnica, in the north-east of Poland. And an even better map is here.

This is the place where the annual GUST BachoTeX conferences are organized yearly since 1992. EuroTeX 2007 will also be the XV BachoTeX, hence you might find it to be referred to as EuroBachoTeX 2007.

Watch this space: it is going to be updated as new information becomes available. And, of course: put this event into your calendar and then come and join the TeXies from around Europe and the world.


European TeX Conference 2007

Paths to the Future

© Jackowscy, “GUST”


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We hope it to be a very interesting conference, with the agenda full of many developments very important for the future and well-being of TeX, here in no particular order:

XVII. evropská TEX-ová konference

Cesty do budoucna

© Jackowscy, “GUST”


Jerzy Ludwichowski
(for the Organizing Committee)

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