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Typographers and programmers: mutual inspirations

BachoTeX in 2010, now the XVIIIth, will take place from April 30th until May 4th, 2009. BachoTeX conferences are being organized yearly since 1993 by the Polish TeX User Group – GUST, in Bachotek, near Brodnica, in the north-east of Poland. There is also an OpenStreetMap version, with the detailed plan of the venue prepared by the conference participants.

© Szymon Saliński

Typographers and programmers: mutual inspirations

Typography, the art of composing signs and graphics into pages and designing signs and graphics is nowadays inadvertently linked to using software. Programmers design and create systems which serve as tools for typographic projects.

This is an invitation for a conference at which we want to get together two groups of people: programmers and designers of typographic systems with typographers and other users of such systems. Share your experiences. Tell others how you are doing it. Lets together look into what programmers can offer to those who create works containing letters and other signs and how programmers can profit from the knowledge and experience of the users of such systems, designers, typographers or creators of web pages.

Let this meeting of typographers and programmers creating helper systems for typography become a step towards beautiful results!

More details can be found in the Call for papers. Contact addresses for sending papers, talking to the Program Committee or organizers may be found in the Committees section.


Of course we will have the traditional session:


Watch this space: it will be updated as new information becomes available. And of course: put this event into your calendar and then come to join TeXies from Poland, rest of Europe and from around the world.

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