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BachoTeX conferences: Ideas are born between heads

General conference information, its goals and scope.

GUST organizes since 1993 a yearly TeX conference known under the name of BachoTeX.

The dates are fixed around the end of April and beginning of May and the venue is Bachotek, a holiday place of the Nicolaus Copernicus University.
Bachotek is placed within woods, at the Bachotek lake near Brodnica, in the north-east of Poland.

The conferences aim to:

  • popularize TeX, the typesetting system and METAFONT, the font designing system as well as TeX-related software, with quite some stress on typography in general;
  • create an environment where TeX users and friends can exchange experiences and get in touch with likely minded.

All conference programs comprise of invited lectures by TeX and TeX-related software experts and typographers from Poland and throughout the world, presentations by participants as well as various tutorials and courses.

The conference venue, devoid of worldly distractions, allows participants to concentrate on the conference contents and offers a unique opportunity to create personal ties which – as experience shows – last for many years and are very fruitful.

Come and try out what others found great!

We are now past BachoTeX 2023. Check, what hapened there.

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