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BachoTeX 2008

[Dowiązanie po prawej prowadzi do polskojęzycznej wersji strony]

Strona główna konferencji

BachoTeX 2008, the XVI BachoTeX conference, will take place from April 30 until May 4, 2008 r. It is organized yearly since 1993 by the Polish TeX User Group – GUST, in Bachotek, near Brodnica, in the north-east of Poland. An even better map is here.

BachoTeX 2008 will celebrate its XVIth, or 100002 or 1004 or 1016 jubilee!

To whet your appetite here is a list of some speakers (for the current list of papers and schedule see the links provided below):

  • Hans Hagen — author of ConTeXt, co-author of LuaTeX
  • Piotr Fuglewicz — Polish spellchecking expert
  • Jean-Michel Hufflen — XML expert, author of MlBibTeX
  • Bogusław Jackowski — Polish TeX and font guru, co-author of the Latin Modern and TeX Gyre families of fonts
  • David Kastrup — maintainer of AUCTeX, author of bigfoot and other LaTeX packages
  • Jonathan Kew — author of XeTeX
  • Robert Oleś — book designer, lecturer in book design, lead editor of the Polish edition of Bringhurst's “The Elements of Typographic Style”
  • Marek Ryćko — Polish TeX guru and practitioner
  • Martin Schröder — pdfTeX project admin
  • Andrzej Tomaszewski — typographer, book designer
  • Adam Twardoch — font expert
  • Marcin Woliński — Polish LaTeX guru, author of the Polish document classes mwcls


© Jackowscy, „GUST”

Watch this space: the page will be updated as new information becomes available. And of course: put this event into your calendar and then come and join the TeXies from Poland and the world.

Call for Papers

List of papers with abstracts

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What is TeX for me?

Aestetic aspects of typesetting

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Jerzy Ludwichowski
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