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BachoTeX 2016 – Convergence: TeX, get out of the closet!

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The 24th yearly GUST conference in 2016 will be held from April 29th (Friday) until May 3rd (Tuesday).

The venue, as always, since 1993, is Bachotek near Brodnica, in the north-east of Poland (cf. Google and OpenStreetMap maps).

And the most important plan, of the venue itself, by Duane Bibby. Many thanks to Mojca Miklavec, Hans Hagen and the ConTeXt users.

Design: Katarzyna Burakowska

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Convergence: TeX, get out of the closet!

(see the call for papers)

 Conference impresions


Call for Papers The W. J. Martin Prize


The 2016 AGM Papers: abstracts
(with presentations)




3 day weather forecast for Bachotek

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