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BachoTeX 2016: the final schedule

This schedule might still be changed, though not significantly.

Please note:

The meals, refreshment breaks and bonfire times might slightly change…


Friday, April, 29th

08:00   Breakfast
09:00   Conference opening
09:15 Damien Thiriet Crossword: Polish Feasts and Traditions
09:15 Barbara Wilińska Workshop: Latin calligraphy
11:00   Coffee break
11:30 Katarzyna Burakowska Workshop: batik
13:30   Lunch
15:00 Aditya Mandayam The Fold, or, Kurz
15:30 Aditya Mandayam Zenzizenzizenzic
16:00   Coffee break
16:30 Willi Egger Workshop bookbinding: long-stitch binding
17:30 Jean-Michel Hufflen Workshop: How to combine jazz and popular songs
19:00   Dinner
21:00   Bonfire


Saturday, April, 30th

00:00   Bonfire (continued)
08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Bogusław Jackowski MetaPost for virtual beginners
10:30 Jean-Michel Hufflen A Journey with ConTeXt
11:00   Coffee break
11:30 Harald König Typesetting XML (CEWE) photobook with ConTeXt
13:30   Lunch
14:30 Andrzej Odyniec Typesetting notes or a song book with LaTeX
16:00 Norbert Preining Security improvements in the TeX Live Installer and TeX Live Manager
16:30   Coffee break
17:00 Hans Hagen luaTeX going stable
17:40 Mojca Miklavec Introducing Continuous Integration (CI) to TeX binaries
18:00 Mojca Miklavec, Artur Reutenauer Discussion: Package selection in TeX Live
19:00   Dinner
20:00   GUST Annual General Meeting


Sunday, May, 1st

08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Grzegorz Murzynowski A TeX-generated booklet of font samples (#Convergence)
09:30 Ulrik Vieth Optimizing OpenType math fonts for inline setting
10:15 Hans Hagen OpenType fonts
11:00   Coffee break
11:30 Adam Twardoch FontLab VI: better font making owing to TeX
12:15 Hans Hagen Grandpa's toolbox
13:30   Lunch
15:00 Willi Egger Off topic: The Beauty of Handcrafting a Violin II
15:30 Frans Goddijn Profiling Coffee / the hidden formula
16:30 Damien Thiriet, Paweł Łupkowski Hackaton: Documenting LaTeX Packages
16:30   Tea break (for those not interested in good coffee)
18:15 Hans Hagen, Bogusław Jackowski, Frank Mittelbach, Adam Twardoch Remembrance session: TeXies who passed away
19:00   Dinner
20:00 Piotr Bolek BachoTeX movie night
21:00 Michał Gasewicz Off topic (completely): Many faces (and types) of beer


Monday, May, 2nd

08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Krzysztof Pszczoła Three strokes and TeX's friends
09:30 Grzegorz Murzynowski Towards automatic and decent ragged right alignment, as uderstood by me from a workshop by R. Oleś and the teachings of the leading Polish typographers.
10:00 Frank Mittelbach Alice in Wonderland—the tale of the long tail in globally optimized page breaking
11:00   Coffee break
11:30 Damien Thiriet Take shortcots! On useful functions—Vim/Emacs.
12:00 Jean-Michel Hufflen Abbreviating First Names
12:45 Grzegorz Murzynowski A few LGBTQ*-parallel words on “TeX, get out of the closet!”. An ideolo-speech that will hopefully ignite a discussion.
13:30   Lunch
15:00 Bogusław Jackowski, Marek Ryćko Slurs, Braces, Radicals: Obstacle or Challenge? Part 1: Obstacle
15:30 Marek Ryćko, Bogusław Jackowski Slurs, Braces, Radicals: Obstacle or Challenge? Part 2: Challenge
16:00   Coffee break
16:30 Artur Reutenauer, Mojca Miklavec Getting TeX’s hyphenation patterns out of the closet
17:15 Andrzej Tomaszewski Leon Urbański (1926—1998), a wizard typographer
18:00 Katarzyna Burakowska Concert: Musings of a woman after a half
20:00   Conference dinner


Tuesday, May, 3rd

08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Piotr Bolek Managing bibliographies—from MARC to BibTeX
09:45 Ryszard Kubiak Generating LaTeX from reST for Software Documentation
10:15 Andrzej Gajda, Paweł Łupkowski Using LaTeX as an element of the Erotetic Reasoning Corpus interface
10:30 Marek Żabka The use of LaTeX in building of the educational platform ForMath.
11:00   Coffee break
11:30 Piotr Strzelczyk Keyboard and soldering iron—from algorithms to a conference mug
12:00   Conference closing
13:00   Lunch

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