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BachoTeX 2014: The Final Schedule

This schedule might still be changed, though not significantly.

Please note:

The meals, refreshment breaks and bonfire times might slightly change…


The making of the schedule: automation

Wednesday, April 30th

08:00   Breakfast
09:00   Conference opening
09:15 Adam Twardoch Lato. An open-source font family with 55,000 glyphs
10:15 Przemysław Scherwentke A skeleton in every closet (a book review: “LaTeX for Mathematicians”)
11:00   Coffee break
11:30 Ryszard Kubiak The Egiptian cat winks at authors
12:00 Jean-Michel Hufflen Managing Name Conflicts and Aliasing with MlBibTeX
12:30 Jean-Michel Hufflen Musical Symbols at the Digital Age
13:30   Lunch
15:00 Katarzyna Burakowska Around the letter. Letter in three dimensions.
16:00   Coffee break
16:30 Marek Ryćko, Bogusław Jackowski, Łukasz Dziedzic, Piotr Strzelczyk Experimenting with the interactive visualisation of algorithms implemented in MetaPost
17:15 Grzegorz Murzynowski The expl3 bundle from a complainer's point of view. An informal workshop/BOF session.
19:15   Dinner
21:00   Bonfire


Thursday, May 1st

00:00   Bonfire (continued)
08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Irena Czusz “I, Letter” – a Workshop of Unfettered Creativity
09:00 Barbara Wilińska Workshop: Latin calligraphy
11:00   Coffee break
11:30   “I, Letter” – a Workshop of Unfettered Creativity [continued]
11:30   Workshop: Latin calligraphy [continued]
13:30   Lunch
14:30 Andrzej Tomaszewski Cuneiform script—a civilization phenomenon
15:00 Katarzyna Burakowska Workshop: The beginnings of writing. Cuneiform. School of writers.
16:00   Coffee break
16:30   Workshop: The beginnings of writing. Cuneiform. School of writers [continued]
16:30 Willi Egger Workshop: clay tablets binding (smiley)
19:00   Dinner
20:00   GUST Annual General Meeting


Friday, May 2nd

08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Bogusław Jackowski, Piotr Strzelczyk, Piotr Pianowski On the progress of the TeX Gyre Math project: the TG Schola Math
09:45 Ulrik Vieth An improvised talk about the state of OpenType math fonts
10:45 Adam Twardoch Czcionka, come out of the closet
11:00   Coffee break
11:30 Paweł Łupkowski Online LaTeX editors
12:00 Paweł Łupkowski – LaTeX packages
12:30 Adam Twardoch The end of type?
13:45   Lunch
15:00 Krzysztof Pszczoła Paper books on the market dominated by electronic publications: less should mean better.
15:30 Andrzej Tomaszewski Absolutely non-computer and completely not programmable new book forms
16:00   Coffee break
16:30 Jean-Michel Hufflen What Can Typography Gain from ePub?
17:00 Piotr Bolek, Maria Bolek, Mikołaj Topicha-Dolny The technology and aesthetics of electronic books.
18:20 Piotr Bolek Using system fonts with TeX in various operating systems.
20:00   Conference dinner


Saturday, May 3rd

08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Hans Hagen The yearly luaTeX update
10:00 Taco Hoekwater MetaPost development update
11:00   Coffee break
11:45 Taco Hoekwater Lua & TeX tokens
12:30 Hans Hagen What makes using TeX and MetaPost interesting
13:30   Lunch
15:00 Luigi Scarso Experiments with OpenMP and luaTeX.
16:00   Coffee break
16:30 Patrick Gundlach Using LuaTeX the hard way: How to use the internal node structure of LuaTeX to create a PDF document without using \backslashes
17:15 Patrick Gundlach speedata Publisher: create complex documents from databases
19:00   Dinner


Sunday, May 4th

08:00   Breakfast
09:00   Work group meetings
11:00   Coffee break
11:30   Work group meetings
12:00   Conference closing
13:30   Lunch

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