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EuroBachoTeX 2013: The Final Schedule

This schedule might still be changed, though not significantly.

Please note:

The meals, refreshment breaks and bonfire times might slightly change…


May 1st

08:00   Breakfast
09:30   Conference opening
09:45 Aleksandra Hankus The end of the world will come. Books will go.
11:00   Coffee break
11:45 Hans Hagen Those typographic things TeXies are proud of… do they really make sense?
12:45 Jean-Michel Hufflen Why Typesetting Music Is So Difficult
13:30   Lunch
14:45 Bogusław Jackowski, Łukasz Dziedzic, Marek Ryćko Two typographic etudes for basic calculus and implementation
15:45 Katarzyna Burakowska Communication outside of words. Meta-communication.
16:30   Coffee break
17:00 Hans Hagen, Frans Goodjin Books will go… are you sure?
19:00   Dinner


May 2nd

08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Marcin Woliński, Adam Twardoch Designing a scientific journal on example of Journal of Language Modelling
10:00 Hans Hagen Bits and pieces: ConTeXt, MetaPost, Lua and more, part 1
11:00   Coffee break
11:30 Hans Hagen Bits and pieces: ConTeXt, MetaPost, Lua and more, part 2
12:30 Luigi Scarso The swiglib project
12:45 Arthur Reutenauer Polyglossia update
13:30   Lunch
14:45 Arthur Reutenauer Behaviour-driven development for TeX
15:45 Jean-Michel Hufflen MlBibTeX in 2013: the Point
16:30   Coffee break
17:00 Jean-Michel Hufflen XML Today: Success or Failure?
17:30 Kaveh Bazargan How TeX helps deliver XML-first production to journal publishers
18:00 Bartosz Marciniak Converting LaTeX source files into XML format with XQuery
18:30 Ryszard Kubiak A personal view on markup languages
19:00   Dinner
20:00   GUST Annual General Meeting
22:00   Bonfire


May 3rd

00:00   Bonfire (continued)
08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Katarzyna Burakowska Linocut workshop: One word. Different messages.
09:00 Barbara Wilińska Workshop: painting initials
11:00   Coffee break
13:30   Lunch
15:00 Hans Hagen LuaTeX tutorial
17:00   Coffee break
18:00   Conference concert
20:00   Conference dinner


May 4th

08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Paweł Jackowski TeX: beauties and oddities
10:00 Przemysław Scherwentke Translating into the Pokémon language
10:30 Zofia Walczak Spring cleaning in the garden - grafting LaTeX
11:15   Coffee break
11:45 Paweł Łupkowski A poster: Online LaTeX editors – fancy toys or usable tools?
12:00 Paweł Łupkowski How to teach LaTeX? Cognitive science curriculum case study
12:15 Paweł Łupkowski, Mariusz Urbański Preparing for scientific conference with LaTeX. A short practical how-to.
12:30 Piotr Bolek The traditional vs the future book
13:30   Lunch
15:30 Katarzyna Burakowska Paratheatre workshop: Outside of words.
15:30 Willi Egger Workshop: bookbinding
16:00   Coffee break
19:00   Dinner


May 5th

08:00   Breakfast
09:00 Andrzej Tomaszewski On readability of script and print.
10:00 Bogusław Jackowski, Piotr Strzelczyk, Piotr Pianowski On the progress of the TeX Gyre Math project: the TG Bonum Math font
10:30   Coffee break
10:30   Conference closing
13:30   Lunch

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