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Activities schedule

Important program orientation points and headlines of conference days

The presentations have not yet been assigned to particular days; however, the list of presentations is already available.

Please note especially the following:

  • The TeX Clinic will be active throughout the conference,
  • there will be opportunities to present  poster sessions,
  • typography counsel - an opportunity to consult your designs with Andrzej TomaszewskiAdam Twardoch and Tomasz Bierkowski (graphic designer, Academy of Fine Arts of Katowice)
  • a special appearance by Stephen Hicks on misusing TeX to… (see the Sunday program)
  • BoF sessions
  • tutorials and workshops


About the poster sessions:
  • take your small works  (or excerpts/samples from bigger ones)
  • post them on the available boards
  • talk about them with those attracted
  • Thursday is the day


About the BoF (Bird of a Feather) sessions:
  • if you have an idea or a glimpse of it, i.e., a feather of a high fliyng birdie—
  • you can post it on the announcement board
  • meet with those who subscribe and
  • work on the idea, i.e., get that birdie
  • afterwords you might want to announce the outcome


About the typography counsel:

  • bring books or other works with typographic elements (not only of your design)
  • we will add them to that small collective exhibition
  • our befirended typographers led by Andrzej Tomaszewski will analyze and comment on them, giving invaluable advice
  • Saturday is the day  


About the tutorials and workshops:
  • a workshop on MetaPost for lazy beginners by Adam Kolany (it is advisable to get yourself a laptop with a wireless card and PuTTY installed plus, of course, a working TeX Live installation; Linux is preferred but Windows users should also be able to follow):

  • Day 1, meeting 1, 2*45 mins:

    • basic graphic commands – operations draw, fill, drawarrow, drawdblarrow;
    • path operators “ -- ” and “ .. ”; finding a point of lines intersection; pseudo-variable whatever;
    • changing the shape and size of a pen; changing the color of stroking and filling;
    • conditional change of a colour – conditions (command if … else: … fi); type color;
    • dashed lines – modifier dashed; function dashpattern;
    • application exercise: illustrating the angle bisector theorem.

    Day 2, meeting 2, 2*45 mins:

    • operations on paths – function reverse; transformations – reflections, rotations, affine transformations;
    • type pair – functions xpart, ypart; variables x[] i y[];
    • points and nodes of a curve – functions length p, point t of p;
    • control nodes – operators precontrol t of p, postcontrol t of p;
    • changing the direction of a curve at a node;
    • application exercise: drawing a heart for collecting charity money.

    Day 3, meeting 3, 2*45 mins:

    • loops – drawing function diagrams;
    • labelling characteristic points – function thelabel; procedure dotlabel; preprocessor tags btex … etex, verbatimtex … etex, etc.;
    • type picture, variable currentpicture, constant nullpicture;
    • definitions – commands def, vardef, begingroup … endgroup, save;
    • application exercise: drawing regular polygons and various charts (line, bar, pie).

    Day 4, meeting 4 (if the tutorial begins on Wednesday), 2*45 mins:

    • intersection curves – functions p1 intersectionpoint p2, buildcycle(p1,…,pn), intersectiontimes;
    • fragments of curves – functions cutbefore, cutafter, subpath;
    • clipping with a contour – function clip pc to p;
    • application exercise: using paths, color tables, etc. for representing graphs, grids and other graphic structures from Dorotka's examples.
  • Norbert Preining's workshop on maintaining a TeX Live installation with TeX Live Manager, a new thing in TL2008; participants migh get more from the tutorial by commanding a laptop with a TL installation and and wireless card

  • a  LaTeX workshop with an ad hoc program by Grzegorz Murzynowski; Grzegorz is ready to take problems from the audience

Wednesday: What's new with and around TeX

10:00 AM Conference opening and presetations start

The the current state of TeX engines and TeX related software will be presented so as to introduce the afternoon-evening panel discussion. Highlighted here are the presentations by Hans Hagen and Taco Hoekwater on progress in LuaTeX and the mplib library.

Afternoon-evening panel discussion:
TeX: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (i.e., SWOT analysis)
Andrzej Odyniec

Thursday: Working day

  • workshops and tutorials (the tutorial list will be published soon)
  • the TeX Clinic
  • informal meetings
  • the Typoghrapy Counsel
  • BoF sessions
  • poster sessions

8:00 PM The GUST Annual General Meeting

Friday: Font day

The program will sport — among others — the following speakers:

  • Hans Hagen
  • Bogusław Jackowski
  • Janusz M. Nowacki
  • Piotr Strzelczyk
  • Ulrik Vieth
Afternoon-evening panel discussion:
TeX distributions
Norbert Preining

Bonfire: bring your voices, musical instruments, good moods, and willingness. And do whatever possible to secure a good weather.


Typography day

The program will bring — among others — the presentations by:

  • Małgorzata Dubowiak
  • Andrzej Tomaszewski
  • Adam Twardoch
Afternoon-evening panel discussion:
TeX: at a turning point, or at the crossroads?
Marek Ryćko

Sunday: TeX companion programs day

This year's TeX Pearls presented by Taco Hoekwater with a special appearance by Stephen Hicks, receiver of the Judges' Prize at the Eleventh ICFP Programming Contest, on “misusing” TeX… to program a Mars rover, functional style.

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