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Call for papers

What’s to stay, what’s to go

Many prints made in Gutenberg times look even now like new and their readability leaves nothing to wish for. On the other hand, getting the contents out of a computer diskette created 15 years ago borders on a miracle.

Durability also applies to ideas. One may, for example, dispute if the intellectual property rights do by restricting texts multiplication protect ideas or to the contrary, counteract their proliferation.

Algorithms, programs, file formats also go by. Files produced by the so-called word-processors, even if carried over to a new device might be useless because the relevant program does not run on the contemporary computer.

TeX proved to be exceptionally resistant against time passing. Is there a way to increase this resistance with some vaccine? Or perhaps there is no need for that. Some parts of the TeX world unexpectedly received a second life, such as the math mode algorithm which has recently been implemented in WWW browsers. Thus, perhaps, valuables will naturally be carried over to new developments?

The idea of using polynomial curves to describe computer fonts turned out to be relatively stable. It already survived several “packagings”: Type 1, TrueType, OpenType. But who knows, if within the next 10 years a font will be a neural net being able to put black dots in the proper places?…

We encourage authors to reflect on durability: to what extent we may and need to care for durability of ideas and their forms of expression.


Of course, we look forward to the normal mix of TeX, MetaPost, ConTeXt, LaTeX, and friends related presentations. Please do not forget about fonts!

We do upkeep the new BachoTeX trend in which we try to bring together programmers and designers of typographic systems, typographers and other users of such systems. 

Please note the “Call for TeX Pearls” further down.

The normal channel of offering papers is the emailing of proposals to the Program Committee, but before rushing off to the mailer, please consult the info for authors.

Workshops and tutorials


Poster sessions

Participants will be given the opportunity to present their TeX and typographic results in the form of posters for which we provide exhibition space.

TeX Pearls

We continue the tradition of the “Pearls of TeX Programming”. Metafont/MetaPost do also fall into that category. Details and previously collected pearls can be found at

Deadlines and addresses

The deadline for “regular” abstracts and other proposals is March 25th, 2018. The deadline for final papers to appear in the conference materials is April 11th.

Contributions should be sent by email to the Program Committee: prog-2018 at gust dot org dot pl. The PC is chaired by Bogusław Jackowski (b underscore jackowski at gust dot org dot pl).

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