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Activities schedule

A guide to conference content

Important program orientation points and headlines of conference days

The presentations have not yet been assigned to particular days; however, the list of presentations is already available.

Please note especially the following:

  • The TeX Clinic will be active throughout the conference,
  • there will be opportunities to present  poster sessions,
  • typography counsel - an opportunity to consult your designs with Andrzej Tomaszewski and other typographers
  • BoF sessions
  • tutorials and workshops


About the poster sessions:
  • take your small works  (or excerpts/samples from bigger ones)
  • post them on the available boards
  • talk about them with those attracted


About the BoF (Bird of a Feather) sessions:
  • if you have an idea or a glimpse of it, i.e., of a feather of a high fliyng birdie:
  • you can post it on the announcement board
  • meet with those who subscribe and
  • work on the idea, i.e., get that birdie
  • afterwords you might want to announce the outcome


About the typography counsel:

  • bring books or other works with typographic elements (not only of your design)
  • we will add them to that small collective exhibition
  • our befriended typographers led by Andrzej Tomaszewski will analyze and comment on them, giving invaluable advice 


About the tutorials and workshops:
  • to be announced


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