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e-foundry's Update to OTF Math Fonts

New versions of OTF Math fonts, January 2013

And again: the GUST's e-foundry team> released new versions of the OpenType fonts:

Please note, that the naming of the font files was changed to the unified scheme
    <full font name, lowercase, no spaces>-math.otf
and that the font version number is only visible from name of the zip file
    <full font name, lowercase, no spaces>-math-<versionnumber>.zip
plus within the accompanying README-<font name>.txt file, to be found in the doc folder
and directly on the relevant download page.

The doc folders in the font distribution files contain test files for the various math typesetting engines.

You might also be interested in the contents of the e-team's page on typesetting of mathematics. There are links to quite a number of relevant articles and presentations.

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