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Call for papers

Convergence: TeX, get out of the closet!

Theme teaser

From 13th until 17th September Warsaw will hold ATypI's (Association Typographique Internationale) conference ATypI16 under the title “Convergence”.

GUST and especially its e-foundry team, thanks to Andrzej Tomaszewski, will participate actively (viz. the ATypI promotional video, paying extra attention from 1'10'').

This year's BachoTeX alludes to the ATypI16 theme (some BachoTeX presentations will be later given there) though from a somewhat different perspective. We want to discuss matters and projects which somehow would realize the coming-out of TeX from its sort-of a niche. Since about 5 years a great many tools and publication solutions were made available with open source licenses. The up-to now standard of Corel, Word and InDesign for creating publications is being dropped in favour of solutions based on HTML, CSS, JS and SVG. A lively open source life blossoms.

That situation seems to be overlooked by the TeX community. We are acting a little bit as if on the “other side” only Windows, Word and propriety licences and formats with which no inter-operation is possible were prevailing. In reality the “other side” has evolved such that there are many more possibilities for inter-operation than whenever in the past.


Of course we look forward to the normal mix of TeX, Metapost, ConTeXt, LaTeX, and friends related presentations. Please do not forget about fonts!

Please note the “Call for TeX Pearls” further down.

The normal channel of offering papers is the emailing of proposals to the Program Committee, but before rushing off to the mailer, please consult the info for authors.

Workshops and tutorials


The following are in initial planning:

  • making batik pennons (or streamers),
  • calligraphy (practice adorning pennons with glyphs).


Especially welcome are proposals for TeX-related tutorials or introductions. If you have suggestions for tutorials or workshops by others than yourself or about specific topics, please let us know.

Poster sessions

Participants will be given the opportunity to present their TeX and typographic results in the form of posters for which we provide exhibition space.

TeX Pearls

We continue the tradition of the “Pearls of TeX Programming”. MetaFont/MetaPost do also fall into that category. Details and previously collected pearls can be found at

Deadlines and addresses

The deadline for “regular” abstracts and other proposals is March 27th 2016. The deadline for final papers to appear in the conference materials is April 10th.

Contributions should be send by email to the Program Committee: prog-2016 at gust dot org dot pl. The PC is chaired by Bogusław Jackowski (b underscore jackowski at gust dot org dot pl).

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