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Call for Papers

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Æsthetics and effectiveness of the message, cultural contexts

As the lead theme we propose the æsthetics of publications from the perspective of the effectiveness of the message. Encouraged are also references to the cultural contexts—not everything is liked by everyone everywhere.

We look forward to TeX, METAPOST, ConTeXt, LaTeX, and friends related presentations revolving around those issues, but will be more than happy if programmers and designers of typographic systems, typographers and other users of such systems want to share their thoughts and experience.

In addition, we look forward to papers on support that typography systems can offer to the disabled, e.g., in connection with sign languages or generating speech (e.g., from TeX's mathematical notation). Perhaps somebody looked into issues with non-alphabetic notations such as tablature.

Also, please note the “Call for TeX Pearls” below.

Workshops and tutorials

Especially welcome are proposals for TeX-related tutorials or introductions. If you have suggestions for tutorials or workshops by others than yourself or about specific topics, please let us know.

Poster sessions

All participants will be given the opportunity to present their TeX and typographic results in the form of posters. We will provide exhibition space. Perhaps new ideas or solutions will emerge? 

Call for TeX Pearls

We are continuing the tradition of “The Pearls of TeX Programming”. Here is, briefly, what is wanted:

  • short TeX, METAFONT or METAPOST macro(s), not necessarily useful,
  • the solution not obvious at the first glance,
  • easy to explain : necessarily 10 minutes at most

If you have something that fits the bill, please consider submitting a proposal. If you know of somebody's work that does the same, please let us know, and we will contact that person. Other details and previously collected pearls can be found at

The email address is: pearls at gust dot org dot pl.

The TeX Clinic

We hope that more advanced TeXies will help out the TeX Clinic team led by Joanna Ryćko. We'd like to continue the initiative with the aim to draw in TeX beginners.

Deadlines and addresses

The deadline for abstracts and other proposals is March 28th 2011. The deadline for final papers to appear in the conference materials is April 11th.

Contributions should be send by email to the Program Committee: prog-ebt2011 at gust dot org dot pl. The PC is chaired by Bogusław Jackowski (b underscore jackowski at gust dot org dot pl).

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