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Antykwa Półtawskiego enhanced

On September 11, 2010, the GUST e-foundry officially announced the availability of of the new version of Antykwa Półtawskiego

The first, provisional release, containing fonts only in PostScript Type 1 format and many less characters per font was made 10 years ago.

The current edition of Antykwa Półtawskiego, v. 1.10, in the PostScript Type 1 and OpenType formats, by following the Latin Modern and TeX Gyre projects in providing a rich collection of diacritical characters  aims to cover as many Latin-based scripts as possible. According to e-foundry, the repertoire of characters covers all European Latin alphabet based languages as well as some other alphabets such as Vietnamese and Navajo.

The Antykwa Poltawskiego family consists of 4 weights (light, normal, medium, bold), each having upright and italic forms and 5 design sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12 and 17pt (in the OTF parlance: expanded, semiexpanded, normal, semicondensed, and condensed, respectively). Altogether, the collection comprises 40 font files.

More about Antykwa Poltawskiego in general and this release in particular may be found at and Janusz M. Nowacki's home page ( Therefrom the fonts may also be downloaded (or visit CTAN). At Janusz's page, you might want to get a first impression of the fonts by using the “Font sampler” by Jacek Czekaj.

The authors declare a debt of gratitude first of all to Mojca Miklavec, whose help actually triggered resuming the project, to all TeX Users Groups and also to many TeXies personally for their continuous promoting, encouragement and help.

Bugs should be treated as features, at least until the next release…

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