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TeX Gyre Chorus released

The TeX Gyre Chorus font, ver. 1.000, was released on September 26th, 2007 by GUST's TeX Gyre Team. This almost finishes the first stage of the TeX Gyre Project. Congratulations!

TeX Gyre Chorus is a font derived from handwritten letterforms of the Italian Renaissance. It was designed by Hermann Zapf (ITC Zapf Chancery, 1979; currently, other variants of this typeface are available). TeX Gyre Chorus is based on the URW Chancery L Medium Italic font, but heavily extended. It contains nearly 900 glyphs. Unlike for other fonts from the TeX Gyre collection, Greek letters are missing and so are small caps (using capital forms of chancery characters for typesetting whole words should be forbidden by law). The font is available in Postscript, TeX and Open Type formats. Please note that with the release of TeX Gyre Chorus the QuasiChancery font becames obsolete.

For details and downloads see the TeX Gyre page.

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