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TeX Live 2010 - network release

On September 10, 2010, TeX Live 2010 was released.

On September 10, 2010 Karl Berry, the chief TL 2010 developer, announced:

We've gone ahead with the network release of TeX Live 2010.  It is now
or will be soon available from CTAN sites
(  As with last year, we
recommend doing a network install in one way or another instead of
downloading the large (2gb) ISO --

Package updates will start propagating in another day or two.

If anyone notices stale or missing information on the TL web pages, or
problems with the release, please report as usual.

MacTeX 2010 has also been released and is available from CTAN.  Its web
pages will be updated soon.

The TeX Collection DVD will be released as soon as possible; hopefully,
it will go out in October.  Issues with it (unrelated to TL) made me
decide it was not desirable to delay the TL release any longer.

Happy TeXing,

Added by your reporter:

  • Staszek Wawrykiewicz of GUST actively participates in  the TeX Live development.
  • GUST members who are up-to-date with their membership fees will be shipped the TeX Collection DVDs as soon as the HQ receives them.

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