TeX Gyre Schola

The package contains the most recent version of the TeX Gyre Schola family of fonts in the PostScript Type 1 and OpenType formats. TeX Gyre Schola is based on the URW Century Schoolbook L kindly released by URW++ Design and Development Inc. under GFL (independently of the GPL release accompanying Ghostscript). The Vietnamese glyphs were added by Han The Thanh.

TeX Gyre Schola can be used as a replacement for the Century Schoolbook typeface (designed by Morris Fuller Benton, 1919, for the American Type Founders; originally, italics were not designed, they were added in later revivals by Linotype and ITC).

Basic stuff: Type1s + OTFs + TFMs + LaTeX support + info (ver. 2.005; a TDS zip archive, primarily for TeXies)

4 OTF files: regular, italic, bold and bold italic (ver. 2.005; a “flat” zip archive, primarily for non-TeXies)




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