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The Latin Modern Math (LM Math) font

The Latin Modern Math (LM Math) font completes the modernization of the Computer Modern family of typefaces designed and programmed by Donald E. Knuth.

That modernization started with the provision of the Latin Modern (LM) family of text fonts in the modern OpenType format and with a far richer set of diacritics and other glyphs making it suitable for typesetting of most Latin scripts.

However, the modernization was incomplete without the math fonts of the Comupter Modern family which were one of the main reasons for the widespread use of the Computer Modern fonts, most notably to typeset papers containing mathematical formulas.

LM and LM Math taken together may now be regarded as a full descendant of Computer Modern.

The LM Math font may be freely downloaded.

Please note that the LM Math font might be used for typesetting mathematics with MS Office 2007 and newer.


The Latin Modern Math font is licensed under the GUST Font License (GFL), which is a free license, legally equivalent to the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), version 1.3c or later.

Further readings 

There are a few resources concerning typesetting mathematics. If you are interested, please consult the e-foundry team's page devoted to math typesetting.

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