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The Antykwa Półtawskiego family of fonts

© Katarzyna Burakowska

This package contains the Antykwa Poltawskiego family of fonts in the PostScript Type 1 and OpenType formats.

The original font was designed in the twenties of the XX century by the Polish typographer Adam Półtawski (born 15 May 1881 in Warsaw, died 19 September 1952 in Cracow), hence the name, althought he author himself named it antykwa polska. It is maintained that the design tried to capture the specific features of the Polish written language. For example, the letters more frequent in Polish than in other languages like, e.g., 'w', 'y', 'z', and, last but not least, 'lslash', were given specific shapes.

Antykwa Poltawskiego was used in Poland as the chief text type for musical publications, in particular for the monumental Ignacy Paderewski's edition of the complete Fryderyk Chopin works (in XXVII volumes).

Following the route set out by the Latin Modern and TeX Gyre projects, the Antykwa Poltawskiego digitisation project aims at providing a rich collection of diacritical characters in the attempt to cover as many Latin-based scripts as possible. To our best knowledge, the repertoire of characters covers all European languages as well as some other Latin-based alphabets such as Vietnamese and Navajo; at the request of users, recent extensions (following the enhancement of the Latin Modern collection) provide glyphs sufficient for typesetting of romanized transliterations of Arabic and Sanskrit scripts. We have frequently used the information presented by Michael Everson at the The Alphabets of Europe web site. If you know about European languages that are not covered completely or if some glyphs have apparently wrong shapes—please let us know.

The Antykwa Poltawskiego project was launched by the Polish TeX Users GUST and is supported by TeX users groups. Hearty thanks to the representatives of these groups, especially to Mojca Miklavec, and also to all people who helped with comments, ideas, remarks, bug reports, objections, hints, consolations, etc.

The Antykwa Poltawskiego family consists of 4 weights (light, normal, medium, bold), each having upright and italic forms and one of 5 design sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12 and 17pt (in the OTF lingo: extended, semiextended, normal, semicondensed, and condensed, respectively). Altogether, the collection comprises of 40 font files.

The collection may be freely used and distributed under GFL, the GUST Font License, which is effectively an instance of LPPL, the LaTeX Project Public License.

The fonts may be downloaded from our download page.

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