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This file belongs to the TeX Gyre collection of fonts. The work is
released under the GUST Font License. See the MANIFEST-Antykwa-Poltawskiego.txt
and README-Antykwa-Poltawskiego.txt files for the details.
For the most recent version of this license see
http://www.gust.org.pl/fonts/licenses/GUST-FONT-LICENSE.txt or

Ver 1.000: 30.07.2010
  first unofficial release of the enhanced Antykwa Poltawskiego
  collection of fonts (including fonts in the OTF format)

Ver 1.100: 09.09.2010
  first official release of the enhanced Antykwa Poltawskiego;
  thus, the preliminary version of Antykwa Poltawskiego (antp package)
  released in 2000 becomes obsolete

Ver 1.101: 09.10.2010
  mistakenly missing `smcp' (small caps) feature and stylistic alternatives
  added in OTF files; altered implementation of the `numr', `dnom', `frac',
  and `dlig' features; other font files remained essentially intact (only
  version number changed).

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