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%%% Surrounded math

\def\dorecurse#1#2{% just a helper
	\repeater=0 \loop
		\advance\repeater by1

% One of those features that the average user will never see is the ability to
% influence \type {\mathsurround}. In \CONTEXT\ for instance this parameter is
% set to \type {0pt} by default and only in special math constructs it might get
% a different value. And even then, this value is small.
% It might actually be true that the sole reason for this parameter is its use in
% special situations. This is demonstrated by what happens if we use non-zero
% values. Say that we have this input:

test \par
\noindent $test$ \par
$test$ \par
test \par


% When we set both \type {\parindent} and \type {\mathsurround} to zero, we get:

{\mathsurround  0pt \parindent  0pt \test }

% When we set \type {\mathsurround} to \type {16pt} we get:

{\mathsurround 16pt \parindent  0pt  \test }

% When we set \type {\parindent} to \type {32pt} we get:

{\mathsurround  0pt \parindent 32pt  \test }

% When we set \type {\mathsurround} to \type {16pt} and \type {\parindent} to
% \type {32pt} we get:

{\mathsurround 16pt \parindent 32pt  \test }

% We guess that the assumption is that a \type {\mathsurround} value different
% from zero is not assumed when typesetting a paragraph or at least that the
% assumption is that a paragraph does not start or finish with an inline math
% formula.

% This is what happens. A kern is added at the left and right side of a formula.
% So we get:


% When the paragraph is typeset, this kern removed at linebreaks
% when needed:

{\mathsurround32pt \dorecurse{20}{x {$xx$} xxx }} 

% However, as the start of a paragraph is no linebreak, it will stay there!

{\mathsurround32pt \dorecurse{20}{$xx$ } } 

% If we use negative values we get similar effects:


% Or in a vertical box:

{\mathsurround-32pt \dorecurse{20}{$xx$ } } 

% Maybe there is an opportunity here to implement marginal notes by abusing
% a math formula at the start of a paragraph! After all, we've run into weirder
% abuse of side effects.


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