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%%% Abba Don

% What is and what is not a number for \TeX? Adoremus magna et mirabilia opera papp\ae\ Knuth!

\ifnum 666>'0888${}-222 = 2\times32\times37={}$DCLXVI (all the Roman digits except the largest)\fi
% ${}={}$(Ioannes paoLVs seCVnDVs VICarIVs fILII DeI)${}/2$\fi

\ifnum 666>"000ecce Angelus Pulcherissimus regnavit!\fi

\ifnum 666>"0000ABBA Father call I from the deepest of my s*** \else Breke kekk, breke kekk!\fi

\ifnum 11254493="ABBADDON($\aleph_0$)\fi

% Note that
% {\tt A}, % uppercase
% {\tt B}, % uppercase
% {\tt c}, % lowercase
% {\tt D}  % uppercase
% and
% {\tt e}  % lowercase
% are (in some contexts) hexadecimal digits and (in those contexts) {\tt0xecce}${}=60622$
% and (in some other contexts) Abbaddon is the name of the Angel of Extinction ]:-)\,.


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