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%%% (Ir)relevant missing character message

% Try out the code

\hsize=7.3in \vsize=9.8in
\leftskip=30mm \rightskip=30mm \parindent=1em


short \TeX, \MF\ or \MP\ macro/macros (half A4 page or half a~screen at most)[...]

% The output is typeset without breaking any word at the end of line. Try to
% explain why then the log file contains the line
%   Missing character: There is no - (45) in font logo10!
% While breaking paragraphs into lines \TeX\ checks all feasible breakpoints
% and chooses the one of the smallest sum of costs (see \TeXbook, chapter 14).
% The message in the log file informs that some of the considered ways of
% typesetting the paragraph had a discretionary break after META.


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