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%%% Current font global assignment

% Font setup is normally bounded to groups. The code

\font\A=ec-lmr10 \A \message{\the\font}
{\font\B=ec-lmtt10 \B \message{\the\font}}

% gives \A \B \A, as one would expect. Why then

\font\A=ec-lmr10 \A \message{\the\font}
{\font\B=ec-lmr10 \B \message{\the\font}}

% yields \A \B \B?

% When the font used inside a group is the same as the current font in the
% outer grouping level, the local font assignment becomes global. Actually font
% \A is internally mapped to \B. Even if we call \A explicitly, \TeX\ reports \B
% as the current.

\A \message{\the\font}

% Things are intentionally different in \LuaTeX...


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