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Pearls 2005

Catalogue of TeX Pearls 2005 in pdf format.

pdf tex Guess what... by David Carlisle

pdf tex Comparing strings known to consist only of characters by David Kastrup

pdf tex Words sorting by David Kastrup

pdf tex Iterating with roman numeral by David Kastrup

pdf tex \local \par ameters by Bogusław Jackowski

pdf mp Extra Béziers by Bogusław Jackowski

pdf tex \expandafter\endcsname trick by Petr Olšák

pdf tex Testing whether two characters form a ligature by Petr Olšák

pdf tex The Iterator by Philip Taylor

pdf tex Forcing a page or column break in the middle of a paragraph by Karl Berry

pdf tex \csequence stack by Krzysztof Leszczyński

pdf tex Spot colors in pdfTeX by Martin Schröder

pdf tex Die hard by Taco Hoekwater

pdf tex \looseness not so loose (LaTeX) by Frank Mittelbach

pdf tex New symbols from old (LaTeX) by Barbara Beeton

pdf tex Plain TeX's accent macros revisited (LaTeX) by Bernd Raichle

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