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EurobachoTeX 2007 Bus

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As the conference is an ideal meeting place for people from the Central Europe, CSTUG weighs up the possibility to organize a bus for participants of EuroBachoTeX 2007 from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Poland and perhaps other countries. The decision depends on the number of the persons seriously interested in this bus.

The supposed road map would be Bratislava, Brno, Praha and then to Poland, possibly Warsaw,  where people travelling by air to the Warsaw airport could hop the bus, to Brodnica and finally Bachotek. It can change depending on the interest of participants.

Please be so kind to inform the members of your local TUG about such a possibility to travel to EuroTeX. We need to know the number of persons seriously interested in the bus till the end of February to be able to decide about the definite road map, the price etc. They can contact Jaromír Kuben, the CSTUG President, at this e-mail:  president at cstug dot cz.

In case there will not be enough people interested in the bus CSTUG will partially support the transport by cars of its members only.

Here you can find a part of Europe's road map showing the cities mentioned above — Bratislava, Brno Praha, Warsaw, then aproximately nort-west to the location marked “15” on this map. Please note that the “Bachotek” pointer on the last map view shows the Bachotek lake “in general”, whereas the conference site is at the lake's southern end.

Travelling with the EuroBachoTeX 2007 Bus

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