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TerryBisson the team of the movie <asitis>Johnny Mnemonic</asitis> Simon & Shuster, Inc. 1995 Based on a short story and screenplay by William Gibson Stephen Reeder Donaldson Strange Dreams Spectra 1993 WilliamGibson Burning Chrome and Other Stories Victor Gollancz, Ltd. 1986 Titre de la traduction française : Gravé sur chrome Titel der deutschen Übersetzung: Cyberspace WilliamGibson Mona Lisa Overdrive Victor Gollancz, Ltd. 1988 WolfgangHolbein Dinoland Bastei Lübbe
Stephen EdwinKing Night Shift Doubleday & Co. 1978 Collection of 20 short stories Recueil de 20 nouvelles Titre de la traduction française : Danse macabre Titel der deutschen Übersetzung: Nachtschicht Stephen EdwinKing <foreigngroup language="french">Danse macabre</foreigngroup> Everest House 1981 Stephen EdwinKing The Running Man New American Library 1982 Written as Sous le pseudonyme de Unter der Pseudonym Richard Bachman Stephen EdwinKing The Stand Doubleday & Co. 1990
New York
The Complete and Uncut Edition. Version intégrale. Abridged version issued in 1978 Version abrégée parue en 1978 Abgekürzte Auffassung im Jahre 1978 erschienen
Stephen EdwinKing Bag of Bones Scribner Book Company Première édition américaine 1998 Translated into French and German Titre de la traduction française : Sac d'os Titel der deutschen Übersetzung: Sara KennethRobeson The Flaming Falcons Bantam 1968 30 Doc Savage Series Première édition en juin 1939 dans Originally published June 1939 in Doc Savage Magazine
KennethRobeson The Flaming Falcons 1 Doc Savage Magazine 1968 30 31 400401 Variant as an article
KennethhRobeson The Flaming Falcons 2 Doc Savage WillMurray 2 Bantam 1968 31 Adventures
2 Variant as in-collection
KennethRobeson The Flaming Falcons 3 2 Bantam 1968 30 Doc Savage Series
2 200300 Variant as in-book
The Flaming Falcons 4 KennethRobeson LesterDent pulp 1968
Variant as a booklet
KennethRobeson The Flaming Falcons 5 1968 Bantam pulp
Variant as a PhD-thesis
KennethRobeson The Flaming Falcons 6 1968 Bantam
Variant as a Master-Thesis
KennethRobeson The Flaming Falcons 7 Bantam 1968 pulp 30
Variant as a technical report
KennethRobeson The Flaming Falcons 8 1968 Bantam
2 Variant as a manual
KennethRobeson The Flaming Falcons 9 1968 Variant as unpublished KennethRobeson The Flaming Falcons 10 pulp 1968 Variant as misc FrankThys Auf der <asitis>Spur</asitis> des <asitis>Vernichters</asitis> Dinoland WolfgangHolbein Bastei Lübbe 1997
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