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BachoTeX 2004

Bibulus - a Perl/XML replacement for BibTeX

Thomas Widmann

At EuroTeX2003 in Brest, I presented Bibulus, a truly multilingual replacement system for BibTeX.

At BachoTeX2004, I should like to give a practical introduction to Bibulus, with special emphasis on its multilingual features.

Some features of Bibulus:

  • It is written in pure Perl. This means it is very portable.
  • Bibliographies are stored in XML. This means it is very easy to process the bibliographies using other tools. A program is included to convert old BibTeX databases to Bibulus XML.
  • Unicode compliant. Both Perl 5.8 and XML have excellent support for Unicode and Bibulus benefits from this.
  • LaTeX is just one input/output format. It is very easy to add support for e.g. HTML output.
  • It is released under the GNU Public Licence.

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