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BachoTeX 2004: David Kastrup, The bigfoot suite

The bigfoot suite

David Kastrup

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Footnotes (But Were Afraid to Ask). Project page at bigfoot

I am appending a few sample pages as reference. bigfoot.sty caters for footnotes. Multiple footnote blocks, color handling in footnotes broken across pages, multiple footnote blocks continued to the next page (something which TeX's insertion splitting mechanism can't do), footnotes anchored within footnotes (and moved to the next page if their parent footnote gets broken), footnotes numbered per page, footnotes set in a continuous paragraph (automatically broken to the next page if necessary), footnotes allowing verbatim commands inside. Footnotes. If you think math typesetting is hard, think again. This is ongoing work, and quite involved TeX programming. The results will be released as rather general-purpose TeX macro packages, once they are in tolerable state. If you don't bother about "tolerable", you can already access them via anonymous CVS.

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